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Commodore C+4

- the beginning -

This was my very first computer. My father and me bought it in Berlin (Germany) back in the 80's. Most of the time my family and I were playing games on this machine, which were available on tapes. We used our television as a monitor. I also tried to write little programmes with the help of a book. The games were rather addictive we had much fun playing them!:)

magyarul / hungarian
Nos tehát, ez volt az első számítógépem, amit Berlinben vettem apuval. Mivel itthon mindenkinek Commodore 64-e volt, nekem is inkább az kellett volna, mert arra sokkal több program volt. Egyébként kinézetre ez jobb volt szerintem. Ezen a gépen próbálkoztam programokat írni, volt hozzá egy könyv. Általában pedig játszottunk rajta természetesen!

- here are some shots of my favourite games -

I discovered these games on Commodore Plus/4 World, and tried to re-play them with the YAPE emulator with more or less success.

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Atlantis Atlantis
City Lander City lander
City lander
Commando Commando
Cuthbert Cuthbert
Formula-1 Formula-1
Icicle Works Icile Works
Icicle Works
Invaders Invaders 1
Invaders pic.1
Invaders 2
Invaders pic.2
Jack Attack Jack Attack
Jack Attack
Kikstart Kikstart
Leaper Leaper
Moon Buggy Moon Buggy
Moon Buggy
Number Builder Number Builder 1
Number Builder pic.1
Number Builder 2
Number Builder pic.2
PaperBoy Paperboy
Punchy Punchy
Purple Turles Purple Turtles
Purple Turtles
Rescue from Zylon Rescue from Zylon
Rescue from Zylon
Robin to the Rescue Robin to the Rescue 1
Robin to the Rescue pic.1
Robin to the Rescue 2
Robin to the Rescue pic.2
Saboteur Saboteur 1
Saboteur pic.1
Saboteur 2
Saboteur pic.2
Saboteur 3
Saboteur pic.3
Tower of Evil Tower of Evil
Tower of Evil
Tutti Frutti Tutti Frutti 1
Tutti Frutti pic.1
Tutti Frutti 2
Tutti Frutti pic.2